Weather At The Gathering

Prince William Forest Park is a four-seasons park. Visitors can expect seasonal weather including snow and ice in the winter, heavy rain in the spring and summer, and high temperatures in the summer. Visitors are encouraged to check local weather advisories prior to and during their visit. In cases of inclement weather, the park may close for the safety of visitors and staff. Visitors are advised to check the park’s website prior to their visit in the event of a closure.

Cabin Camp 2 in the Prince William Forest Park

We, the Men of The Leadership Council, are excited and pleased to announce that we have confirmed reservation for our first choice of Cabin Camp 2 in the Prince William Forest Park (in our Nation’s National Park system) near Triangle, Virginia as the setting of our 2022 Chesapeake Men’s Gathering! This is the same Camp as our 2021 Gathering.

Cabin Camp 2 first hosted campers in 1937. For many years, Camp Mawavi, run by the Campfire Girls of America, operated out of this camp. The camp sleeps 149 visitors, and consists of approximately 132 acres. This camp manly contains 4 person cabins, with a few 2 and 6 person cabins mixed in here and there. The units are clustered in a circular arrangement and contain 8 cabins, a bath house, and a lodge. Each unit is in a grassy clearing that is surrounded by dense forest. The large ballfield and lake access in Camp 2 are among the best in the park. Cabin Camp 2 was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

Weather Automagically Updates!

Camp 2-Prince William Forest Park
7:09 pm, August 10, 2022
temperature icon 72°F
L: 71° H: 93°
Feels like 73 °F moderate rain
Wind gusts: 5 mph
UV Index: 0.22
Precipitation: 0.04 inch
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 6:19 am
Sunset: 8:10 pm
Humidity 94 %
Pressure23 inhg
Wind 5 mph
Wed Aug 10
weather icon
71° / 93°F0.04 inch6 mph54 %23 inhg
Thu Aug 11
weather icon
70° / 88°F0.04 inch10 mph37 %23 inhg
Fri Aug 12
weather icon
65° / 81°F0 inch11 mph33 %23 inhg
Sat Aug 13
weather icon
57° / 82°F0 inch8 mph24 %23 inhg
Sun Aug 14
weather icon
58° / 77°F0.03 inch8 mph48 %23 inhg
Mon Aug 15
weather icon
63° / 73°F0.04 inch7 mph85 %23 inhg
Tue Aug 16
weather icon
59° / 71°F0.02 inch10 mph80 %23 inhg
Wed Aug 17
weather icon
60° / 72°F0.02 inch9 mph60 %23 inhg