CMG 2023 Registration Challenges

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Our CMG 2023 Registration is activated and available on our website at

Challenges as of 12 July 2023

We have had some challenges with our PayPal form. I have our MightyForms tech support working to find a solution. 

In the meantime, this is what we know right now. 

Browsers Not Friendly To PayPal Form

The PayPal form doesn’t work on Windows 10 Bing nor Edge browsers. 

It doesn’t work on Mac Google Chrome browser latest version. 

Browsers Friendly To PayPal Form

It seems to be successful on Safari on my iPhone iOS 17.5.1. I don’t have feedback on Android Smartphones.

Also successful in Windows 10 Google Chrome and Firefox.

Also successful on Mac Safari and Firefox!

Please note!

Please do not try to use the PayPal form to use a credit/debit card not associated with your PayPal account. This form won’t let you do that.
To use a credit/debit card not associated with your PayPal account, please use our form at

All the other forms that don’t depend upon PayPal work on any browser. Go for it!!


Sorry for these challenges. I’m doing the best I can with this technology. 

Register Now!

I encourage everyone to register as soon as you are able. Please spread the word about our online registration with your network! Send them to

Rich Wersinger
Member of Washington Men’s Council
Leadership Council Webmaster

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