About The Men’s Council

Our History

The Men’s Council was started in 1989 by Edward Honnold who saw a need for men’s organizations that help men feel part of mankind.    He organized the first Day for Men in Washington in 1988 featuring the poet Robert Bly and author Michael Meade. The Council held monthly meetings, each presenting an experiential program dealing with an issue of significance to men.

The Men’s Gathering has been an annual event sponsored by the Men’s Council since 1990. The first Gatherings were held at Buffalo Gap Camp, Capon Bridge, West Virginia from 1990 through 2008 when the Camp closed. The Gathering used several other venues before settling on Prince William Forest Park in 2016.

The early 1990s were years of considerable change in men’s organizations as they differentiated to meet different needs.

Notably, in 1992 the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) [Mankind Project] started in Washington DC as a more structured program for personal growth.

In addition, the internet has transformed men’s access to information and connection.

However, the Men’s Council has been constant in its mission of being an introductory portal to introduce menswork to interested men.

To recognize our reach, since 2008 our annual Gathering has been called the Chesapeake Men’s Gathering.

Our Philosophy

Men Sharing During Men's Gathering

The Men’s Council is a portal to invite and introduce men to experience menswork – to be here now where men relate to other men with their “BEING” as opposed to their “DOING”, the titles, position, and worldly roles that isolate men from connecting heart to heart.

The Men’s Council has only a few but essential rules to make the experience a safe one physically, emotionally and mentally.
— The most important guideline is to honor each man by keeping all conversations confidential.
— Men are encouraged to relax their judgments and take risks in self-disclosure. Men commit to peaceful resolution of differences.
— All men pledge that any personal disclosures of other participants at the Gathering will not be repeated outside the meetings.