Men’s Testimonials

Testimonials about Our Men’s Gathering Experience

Father and Son
“When my son was born I got to thinking, ‘Where can I go where my son will have other supportive men to mentor him? I can’t do this by myself!’ I remembered hearing about the Men’s Gathering and decided to take my son when he turned 5. He’s now 13, and not only has he wanted to go back every year since, but I’ve found it’s just as important to me! Nowhere else have we found such an amazing community of genuine, supportive men who really care.”
– Men’s Gathering attendee
Wonderful Phenomenon
A rare and wonderful phenomenon these days.
– Buffalo Gap attendee
Men are Very Warm and Caring
This has been an opportunity for me [to] stand back and look at
where I am going in life, and to get some wonderful company at the same time.
A large number of the men are very warm and caring. I sometimes have difficulty
relating to men as friends, but this group makes it easier. I appreciate the
diversity of lifestyles and the fact that fathers, childless men, married/single/divorced/widowed
men, and gay, straight, and everything in between are equally welcome.
– Earl H. Foote
A Peaceful … Experience
A peaceful, self-opening experience, which puts me in touch with
nature, myself, and a community of other men…I always feel much more able
to live my life as I want to, when I return from the simple magic of this
– R. Bertaut
Christmas for My Manly Soul
Buffalo Gap has been and continues to be a great part of my life
– Christmas for my manly soul every year 😉
– Adam J. Basler, King of the Blind
Looking Forward to Next Year
It is almost three weeks since the gathering and I am still “buzzing”
from the many experiences. The weekend has reinforced that it is OK to be
truly authentic in my power, feelings, and weaknesses. The workshop on intimacy
and relationships is still helping me recognize when I am not fully present
listening to another person. I also notice that my level of fear is way down.
Looking forward to next year.
– Ed S. Fierce Hawk
Quality of Brotherhood and Energy
I particularly appreciated the quality of the brotherhood and energy
in the Kings Council. It seemed different this year, as if the men of the
Council were enjoying themselves and feeling fulfilled rather than drained
by the experience. It was a good and inspiring model for service. One that
makes one interested in emulating.
– Buffalo Gap attendee
Very Welcomed and Comfortable
Even though this was my first time, and the drive to Buffalo Gap
in the dark was a bit intimating, I felt very welcomed and comfortable as
soon as I arrived.
– Buffalo Gap attendee
Heal the World – One Man at a Time
As usual, the weekend stands out as a highlight of my year. It always
takes me a while (a day even) to fully let down my barriers from the outside
world and give myself over to the safe space -I feel like the work Friday
night helped to move that process along. Heading back to my life on Sunday
afternoon I always feel a sense of power and of joy because I know that I
have done good and necessary work. This is how to heal the world – one man
at a time.
– Buffalo Gap attendee