About Us

The Chesapeake Men’s Gathering is sponsored by The Men’s Council of Greater Washington.

Council Mission:

It is the mission of The Men’s Council of Greater Washington to provide men with opportunities for personal, emotional, communal, and spiritual growth.

Read a Brief History of The Men’s Council of Greater Washington.

Men’s Gathering Vision

We all have roles in our lives and in society. Some of these roles we have sought, some we have not. During the gathering, we can shed these roles and connect with the underlying spirit of our fellow men. While success in our roles in society may require us to be self-protective, competitive, and isolated from others, this weekend gives us the opportunity to be open, supportive, and connected to our fellow men.

The Weekend Setting

Our unique setting fosters thoughtful discussion, life-enhancing education,
and deeply-felt expression on the many critical issues affecting men and mankind
today. We can take the spirit of our Men’s Gathering back with us and help transform the world.