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December 21, 2008 at 11:57 AM

Progress on our seach for a new site


First off, welcome back to this site. I will be posting more frequently as we make progress on planning for our next Gathering of Men for the Fall of 2009. Here is what has been happening over the last few months:

  • The Leadership Council has met several times to discuss our approach to searching for a new site for our gathering and themes for the 2009 event
  • We have agreed on the "Must Have" criterion for a new site and drafted a "Request for Information" (RFI) letter
  • Out of the many suggestions we received from past attendees, Leadership Council members, and through our own searches, we narrowed the possibilities down to a list of 28 sites that we felt were likely and acceptable candidates
  • The RFI letter went out on December 20th

Upcoming activities will included

  • Meeting again in January to review responses to the RFI

  • Scheduling site visits

  • Drafting of an RFP

We hope to have a new site by the end of March.

In a future posting I will discuss some initial ideas for a theme for our Annual Gathering of Men - 2009

I hope you'll come back to visit this blog to see what's happening.

Andrew Gross
Men's Council of Greater Washington

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