Ramblewood Resort — Darlington, Maryland

Ramblewood Camp Panorama April 2009

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Near Historic Havre de Grace, Maryland

Ramblewood [www.Ramblewood.com] is ideally located minutes from historic Havre de Grace, Maryland, and is convenient to Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. View Directions to Ramblewood.

Unique Rustic Experience

Two hundred acres of beatiful natural woods and fields await you at Ramblewood. Ramblewood is in a secluded location with large open spaces, heavily wooded areas, a beautiful tranquil pond, outdoor pavillion, well maintained cabins, acres of wooded hiking trails, frontage on the Susquehana River, and many other features that make it an ideal location for us. We will enjoy exclusive use of the Camp throughout the weekend.Ramblewood Fire Circle

The camp has both indoor and outdoor facilities, with plenty of room to accommodate our work. Ramblewood has abundant space for weather-protected events in case of rain, an open pavilion and two large enclosed buildings, named the "Tin Can" and the "Bat Barn". Of historical interest, there is a pre-Civil War house on the camp that was part of the Underground Railroad.

The pond area is perfect for birdwatching and tranquil moments. Near the pond is a basic-training style obstacle course. Our boys can choose between two playground areas with swings and climbing bars.


Ramblewood features a number of newly renovated cabins that can comfortably accommodate five hundred people. Cabins are completely self-contained buildings with sinks, showers, toilets and brand new mattresses and box springs.

Meeting Places

The camp's open-air pavilion is a wonderful spot for the entire gathering and is convenient to the pond and fire circle.

The Dining Hall offers a place to enjoy your meal while talking about the day's events or discussing a group issue. A large stone fireplace (unfortunately fire-code prohibits a fire in this one) at the back of the hall creates a stunning effect, giving it the feel of a Norse longhouse. Past the decorative fireplace is another large room that overlooks the two swimming pools and sits above the snack bar.

The natural amphitheatre is built into a hillside for large group gatherings with a stage and permanent seating. Its location provides privacy from other areas of the camp.

Men Connecting to Men

Men ConnectingThe Chesapeake Men's Gathering weekend is a time of connectedness to other men...a chance for us to move away from the stresses of everyday life and the competitive atmosphere.

It is a chance to share...

a beautiful setting, a tranquil pond, good food, quiet and sometimes raucous conversation. It is a chance to open up one's heart in a safe place, surrounded by men of honor and integrity.

From the Heart

It is a chance to speak from the heart. No wonder many men have said that they hope to bring their sons back this year, or their brothers or their fathers. This is a way to let them see the connectedness many of us have found in men's work. Don't pass this opportunity up to be with them and to bring them in.