What You Can Expect this Weekend

The Setting

The weekend begins with a buffet dinner from 6-7 p.m. Friday. The opening ceremony begins at 8 p.m. We encourage you to arrive early. Planned events end at 2 p.m. Sunday.

This weekend includes powerful rituals such as the talking stick, sweat lodges, drumming, a bonfire gathering, storytelling, poetry, workshops, breath work, small group exercises, swimming and a continuously open sauna. Throughout the weekend, the experiential activities encourage us to honor ourselves and share the passions, paths and purposes that enrich our lives.

Community Sharing:

Learning and Growing

Workshops: These are held on a wide variety of topics. If you would like to present a workshop or discuss an idea for one, please contact Earl Foote at workshops@menswork.org.

Ritual/Sacred Space:

Activities for Boys (and their fathers/guardians)

Several generations of men and boys are present at the weekend providing a unique opportunity to refresh family bonds. The key to a positive, safe and successful boys experience is active supervision and participation by fathers and guardians, as well as the support of other men.

Our philosophy is that boys need space to play, explore, and be boys, but they also need clear structure, boundaries and rules to follow. Balancing these elements ensures the successful integration of boys into our weekend. Therefore, men who bring young boys should expect to spend the majority of their time with their boys, assisting with and supervising both structured and unstructured activities.

Those who bring older boys may need to provide less supervision but still need to be actively involved.

All fathers and guardians must be willing to actively enforce boundaries and rules. A release signed by a parent or legal guardian for each minor is required.

Opportunities for boys (and their fathers/guardians)
may include: