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September 18, 2008 at 01:07 PM

A wonderful 2008 Gathering!

For those that were in attendance at our 2008 Gathering, you all know how wonderful it was. I already miss you.

I have been very gratified to see all energy around finding a new site for our 2009 Gathering. Please continue to send your suggestions to either the BuffaloGap group on, or send them directly to me at

We are currently establishing our new leadership team for the coming year, and will begin prioritizing our list of desired attributes for a new site. Stay tuned for progress on that.

Andrew Gross
Co-leader, Washington Men's Council

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September 14, 2008 at 09:01 PM

Planning for 2009

for the 19th Annual Gathering Of Men at new location!
mid-September 2009 (Friday through Sunday)

We welcome your participation in the planning effort:

In an effort to make this year's gathering an incredible experience and create the energy that will keep the event growing and relevant for years to come, we are asking for your contribution:
Who else needs to know about our gathering? Tell us about organizations (on-line or off-line) that we could tell about the event.
Start thinking about places that you frequent where you might be able to hang a sign or flyer (any place that has a community bulletin board).
Send us any ideas that would make the weekend more powerful, engaging, and relevant to more men.
Send us any ideas for possible new locations for our 2009 Gathering of Men.

Send Your Requests and Responses to:
or post your comments here.

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